Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Christmas Blessings-Pixel Scrapper Christmas In July!!

Pixel Scrapper is having a Christmas In July Designer Challenge going on amongst her many, many, other awesome things that are always going on over there, and I quickly finished mine to get it on here by the end of this month....whew, talk about last minute!! We are having some super crazy things going on here at the house these last few weeks, so Its been hard to get on here and design. In everything going on, and trust me, there is a lot, we've been able to meet some new people that are super awesome, and even stand beside another family in their dark time and just love on them in the best way we can. I guess in every season of life, we grow and learn more and more conforming to the image of Christ, and to build such character, to be loving, caring, patient, compassionate, trusting, and all other qualities, all of which comes out of suffering sometimes in our lives. I am thankful for what God blesses me with, but I am also thankful for some of the hard times in my life that seemed to never end, because of what I've learned through it. Anyway, I decided to call this kit Christmas Blessings. Its a little clustered and a bit hard to see all the elements, (I kinda rushed through the preview), but standing alone, the elements are really cute....I hope you all like it, and maybe in the future I can make a bigger kit with more depth! Anyway, may God bless you all this week and throughout the weekend and don't forget to leave some love!!:)

Here is some inspiration:

By: Dana Desmond

By: Dana Desmond

By: Kate Grass

By: Emily Silverman

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

CU4CU At The Beach Distressed Sticker Styles Freebie!!

Last, but not least, here are the At The Beach distressed sticker styles I made. I love these handy little styles.
They are super versatile, and so cute! This set comes with 6 colorful distressed sticker styles, and 1 greyscale that is not shown. They are in .asl and .psd format, with 6 colorful jpg's included!! I hope you all like them and can use them, and may God bless you all throughout the rest of this week and into the weekend!! As always, don't forget to leave some love:)

DOWNLOAD JPG'S at mediafire.

CU4CU At The Beach Distressed Chipboard Styles Freebie!!

I just LOVE chipboard. There are really so many different ways to make chipboard. I wanted to make some distressed looking chipboard to use in designing, yes you guessed it, the At The Beach mini kit I'm working on for the Pixel Scrapper August At The Beach blogtrain coming up:) So, I made some and I like how they turned out. It makes it so much easier for me to make word art or elements, and just with the click of a layer style, voila, its chipboard! So here they are to share with you! There are 6 colored styles and 1 greyscale that is not shown, so you can make whatever, and apply the greyscale one to make it chipboard. They are in .asl and .psd formats, and also .jpg's for those who may want them that way. I hope you like them and can
use them in your designs and scrapping:) As always, may God bless you and keep you all throughout the rest of this week and into the weekend:) 

DOWNLOAD JPG'S at mediafire.

CU4CU At The Beach Wood Styles Freebie!!

So, here are the wood styles I made to use in designing my portion of the Pixel Scrapper August 2013  At The Beach blogtrain. I had planned on using them on an alpha, then decided at the last minute not to. It was
late, and I was super I was just lazy. However, I think they would be super awesome as an alpha, or even surf board. Well, actually there are a lot of possibilities with these.....I even made one into a paper for my At The Beach mini kit, which is coming soon by the way, so don't forget to check it out on Aug. 1, here on my blog and at Pixel Scrapper when it will go live on each participants blogs....You can even get a glimpse of what is to come here, just scroll down and see the different previews of the kits that are already done, just ready to go live on Aug. 1. Anyway, here are the wood styles, I hope you can use them in your designs and scrapping, and as always, may God Bless you all and don't forget to leave some love:)

DOWNLOAD .ASL FORMAT at mediafire.
DOWNLOAD .PSD FORMAT at mediafire.
DOWNLOAD .JPG'S at mediafire.

Monday, July 8, 2013

CU4CU At The Beach Water Styles Freebie!!

Here are the water styles I talked about in the last post:) It took me FOREVER to figure out how to make
these. I watched several different tutorials, and every one of them was different, and had different effects and 
outcomes. I took what I liked from each one, tried out so many different blend modes and contours and it just all looked crappy, everytime I tried. I then started from scratch, and just took it one step at a time, made  several conours and painstakingly tried each one, and yada yada yada, until I sort of liked what I saw. So I made one with shadows, and one without shadows. I found that I liked it much better if I applied the style, then duplicated the layer, then merged both layers together. I never could figure out how to make the shadow look awesomely realistic...but I was satisfied with what I did come up with. So, here are my water styles. I hope you like them and can use them in your designs and scrapping in some way. You can also play with them and maybe make them look even better, with a more perfect shadow, lol. Anyway, they are also cu4cu friendly:) As always, may God Bless you all throughout this week, and don't forget to leave some love:) My At The Beach Wood Styles should be next, so stay tuned:)........

DOWNLOAD .PSD FORMAT at mediafire.

Friday, July 5, 2013


Pixel Scrapper is having an August 2013 "At The Beach" blogtrain challenge in the works right now that I am  participating in and anytime I am starting a kit, the first thing I do is start making templates to use and layer styles to help in my designs....I LOVE layer styles, LOVE to make them and LOVE to share them. So, with this blogtrain theme being "At The Beach", I needed to come up with something, well, beachy! I thought, sand, water, weather worn wood (like the old pickett fence in the sand you always see at the beach), and maybe something to make distressed elements and stickers. So I got to work and managed to make them all this week, and believe me, it was WORK, because I had no idea where to start, lol! I started with sand. I wanted as realistic looking sand as I could find. So I found a tutorial on how to make a sand pattern, it was good, but not realistic. I searched high and lo for a good tutorial, but could not find one. At least not one I liked,lol. It wasn't until I found a tutorial on how to make a drawing in the sand that I found my break! The texture that this tutorial used was a prickly bush texture and I thought it was weird, but I could not believe the difference that it made in the texture I was soooo wanting in my sand. I used that same texture (comes with photoshop) with my sand pattern I made using filters and clouds, and then played with the layer style settings for two days until it finally looked AWESOME to me and I was like "VOILA", as I heard angels singing "hallelujah" in the background, lol......ANYWAY, so here they are. AND, I made them in several different sand colors. There are 6 sand styles that come in .asl and .psd formats. I also added the .jpg's for those who do not have photoshop. These are CU4CU so you may use them in your designs to sell or give away and license however you want:) Just please be a sweety and don't sell or give away the actual layer styles themselves:)
I am super excited and I hope you like them as much as I do. And stay tuned for the next layer style I was off to make, the WATER style!!! It will be added in my next beachapaloosa post:)lol!

DOWNLOAD JPG'S at mediafire.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Sweet Things Pixel Scrapper Collab. CU Mini Kit Freebie!!

Pixel Scrapper has put its first collab. together and WOW, is all I've got to say! A lot of very talented ladies joined in and it has to be one of the best collabs I've seen!! As you can see the theme was "Sweet Things" so we went to town creating all kinds of sugary fun treats in the cutest colors to scrap your adorable sweet moments!!We had the best time with this and hope you all like it as much as we do:) So, make sure you grab my part here and then head back over to Pixel Scrapper to grab the rest! My part consists of 3 patterned papers, 1 frame, 1 ice cream cone, 1 flower, 1 leaf, and 1 ribbon, all CU so feel free to use them in your designs as well as scrapping:)
May God bless you all today, and don't forget to leave some love for all the wonderful ladies who participated!!
DOWNLOAD at mediafire.
DOWNLOAD at dropbox.