Monday, July 30, 2012

Beautiful Button Clusters Freebie!

Here are some pretty buttons I extracted and some I made digitally, combined to make some cute button clusters. Hope you like them and can use them:) Have a blessed day and happy scrapping!

DOWNLOAD at mediafire.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Metal Rimmed Tag-It Layer Styles Freebie!

I was so encouraged at all the comments on my string layer styles, that I decided to dust of all the
cobwebs on my other styles, and see if anyone else could use them. A while back, I was playing with
gradients, learning about them and tweaking different contours in the layer styles pallette to see what it would do and inadvertantly made something I thought was so cool, a metal rimmed tag. Granted, its certainly not the best, but they are cute, and make the cutest tags. I think with a little creativity, there are so many things you could do with these. I made a preview of a few very simple things you could do, but I know you all will come up with so much more! So enjoy them, create something
unique, and send me a link if you wanna, so I can see what awesome things you've done with them!:)
As always, don't forget to leave some love, its always encouraging, and have a very Blessed weekend!


Here are just a few very simple examples of how to use them.

Monday, July 23, 2012

CU4CU Silly String Layer Styles Freebie!

Have you ever tried to scan and extract a string? Or, take a photo of a string, bring it into Photoshop
and extract it? It is so hard. At least for me, by the time I'm done extracting, I've taken so much off it
looks more like a thread. And forget buying some CU strings, I just can't afford it, and then you see the same string in other have to really be creative with it, make it unique.  I soooo wanted to just get my drawing pad, throw down some quick unique doodles, and at the  click of a button instantly turn it into a string. So, I was off to figure out how to make a descent string
style. I tried so many different textures and blending modes, and I finally found something I like. Granted, they are never gonna be real...but they look real! At least to me...So try these out and see what you think. I bet you could even make a bow out of them with a bow action, or just using a bow template...I took some freyed ends from a real string and played around with it, then added it to the ends of the strings and made some cute strings with freyed ends! There are a lot of possibilities.
So, play around with it, design something unique for your kits, or pages that you want to scrap:) Anyways, I hope you enjoy them and I hope you have a blessed week filled with creativity and happy scrapping!:)

Oh, and don't forget to leave some love!!

Friday, July 20, 2012

CU Silly Strings Freebie!

A while back I was trying to make a really good string layer style, so I could turn my doodles into strings with a click of a button. Well, I finished a set, and loved the outcome. I think they
look pretty realistic....At least good enough for my scrapping So, I made a bunch
of strings with them and decided to share them. If you like them a lot, give me a shout out and I will
put the string layer styles on here too....I hope you enjoy them and have a blessed weekend! Its my Birthday so I know I will enjoy this weekend celebrating with my friends and family, yay!

DOWNLOAD at mediafire.
17 strings in PSD and PNG format:)

CU Colorful Stickers 01 Layer Styles Freebie!

Here are some colorful stickers layer styles I made a while back. They are also great for alpha's. They have sort of a construction paper texture to them. I love the colors and think they are a great basic to have on hand for designing and scrapping. And, as always, they also come in PSD format for those not wishing to install. I hope you can use them. I hope you all have a blessed and safe weekend, and don't forget to leave me some love:)


Monday, July 16, 2012

CU Colorful Chippies Layer Styles Freebie!

Here are the colorful chipboard layer styles I made. I wanted to get them on here before I forget. I used these styles to make the "Forever Love" alpha. They make the best alphas, and come in PSD format for those not wishing to install! I hope you can use these in your designs and scrapping! As
always, please leave some love, I look so forward to the comments:) Also, if there is something you'd love to see for free, let me know, maybe I can whip it up for ya!! I love to design and share!! May God bless you all today!


Sunday, July 15, 2012

Forever Love Alpha Freebie!

Here is a robin's egg blue chipboard alpha that I call "Forever Love":)
 I just love chipboard, and made some great chipboard styles that I'll put on here soon. Enjoy and have a blessed day:)
Oh, and don't forget to leave some love, thanks:)

DOWNLOAD at mediafire.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Alpha Scribbles 02 Freebie!

Here is another scribble alpha for you, this time with circular scribbles:)

DOWNLOAD at mediafire.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Alpha Scribbles 01 Freebie!

Here is another alpha I made using a tutorial by Megan Turnidge on how to make doodle lines. you can find the cool tutorial HERE.  I could simply draw them out on my bamboo pad, but that would take forever to make an alpha. So I used an existing alpha and just stroked it twice and then used the tutorial to make the stroked outlines look more doodle like, then used a doodle lines brush to fill it. It is in a layered PSD file so it has a lot of flexibility. It was a fun tutorial, and I enjoyed making the alpha.I hope you enjoy it and can create something neat with it in your designs and scrapping!
As always, don't forget to leave some love, I am encouraged by the responses!! May God bless you all today on the beautiful day, let us rejoice in this day that the Lord has made for us!!

DOWNLOAD at mediafire.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Red Stamped Chipboard Alpha Freebie!

Here's an alpha I made the other day! I have PLENTY of alpha's (I just
love making them) and may try to start
putting more on here. Enjoy and don't forget to send me some love:)

DOWNLOAD at mediafire.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Smoochable Series 01 Layered Journal Matte And Tags Freebie

I needed a new shape for a journal matte a week ago, and wanted something sort of original. I decided to play around and make some myself. I used Inkscape (its sort of like illustrator, only its a lot more basic and its free). You can find it and download it HERE. I made different shapes, moved them around and warped them a little here and there and came up with a lot of different mattes and tags. I had so much fun playing around, that I just couldn't stop, so I made A LOT of them and will be posting them on here for you all as I get time! This first set is called "Smoochable Series 01" because of the whimsical style they came out cute!!!
Don't forget to share some love!!

DOWNLOAD at mediafire.

They are 8 layered Journal Mattes and Tags in PSD format. I hope you enjoy them and can
use them in your creating:) May God be to you today what you need in Him, and have
a Blessed day today!!