Monday, July 9, 2012

Smoochable Series 01 Layered Journal Matte And Tags Freebie

I needed a new shape for a journal matte a week ago, and wanted something sort of original. I decided to play around and make some myself. I used Inkscape (its sort of like illustrator, only its a lot more basic and its free). You can find it and download it HERE. I made different shapes, moved them around and warped them a little here and there and came up with a lot of different mattes and tags. I had so much fun playing around, that I just couldn't stop, so I made A LOT of them and will be posting them on here for you all as I get time! This first set is called "Smoochable Series 01" because of the whimsical style they came out cute!!!
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DOWNLOAD at mediafire.

They are 8 layered Journal Mattes and Tags in PSD format. I hope you enjoy them and can
use them in your creating:) May God be to you today what you need in Him, and have
a Blessed day today!!


  1. Thank you for your generousity!

  2. Beautiful labels, thank you very much for sharing

  3. thanks so much for sharing xx

  4. Finding lots of great stuff on your blog - thanks so much!
    :) Mags /

  5. Love these, thanks so much!!

  6. thanks, love these! Helen