Monday, August 31, 2015

Bohemian Breeze Sept. 2015 Blog Train Freebie!!

Ok, so I know I have seriously been neglecting my blog lately! As many of you (from Pixel Scrapper, anyway) may already know, I have retired from full time designing. I now design just as a hobby, (when I can find the time)! I have been spending a lot of my time now with my boys and hubby, helping with my son's school (he is dyslexic), my 4 year old with a new super fun pre-school home-school curriculum, my daughter with her college sorority stuff, and many fellowships and get togethers with church family, community, and friends!! It has been a super fun summer with new adventures and even some spiritual fruit, as a friend of ours came to know the Lord and experienced His hope, forgiveness, and LOVE!!  May we all continue to grow in the Lord, becoming disciples, willing to love others by giving them the good news of salvation and hope (especially in the dark times we living in now, where there seems to be no hope)! May we all learn to "delight" in the Lord, learn about Him (who created us all so unique), get to know Him through His word (the bible)! Fall in love with Him to the point where we just can't stop talking about Him and what he actually did for us to our friends, family, community, and well, anyone!! And if you don't know about or quite understand what He did for us, or what salvation means, or how to be saved, check this link "Have You Heard The Good News?" to get a better understanding!  So, while things have been really awesome and super busy these past few months, I haven't had ANY time to design! But now that school has started back again, things are settling down a bit, and I think I will have a little time here and there to design some. And JUST IN TIME too, because when I saw the theme "Bohemian Breeze" for the Sept. Blog Train, I got super excited and REALLY wanted to participate! So I started on it, thinking I would just make a few papers and elements! As time went by, working on it here and there, I realized that I was making more than "a few papers and elements"! So this is the end result! I know its a little bigger than "a mini kit", but I put them into 3 different downloads to be easier to download:) I hope you like it, and be sure to grab ALL the portions to this months "Bohemian Breeze Sept. 2015 Blog Train" over at Pixel Scrapper, your gonna LOVE it!!! Also, remember to leave some love for all the wonderful designers that participated, it means a lot to all of us:) Thanks, and God bless each of you and your precious families and may He fill each of your lives with His Truth, His love, and His peace!!!:) Love you all!!