Saturday, September 28, 2013

Pixel Scrapper's Oct. Blogtrain "Thankful" Mini Kit Freebie!!!

Pixel Scrapper's October blog train is almost in motion and ready to spoil you with some of the most awesome designs from some very talented designers, and this train is STILL growing!!! I think its gonna 
be a big one! So, make sure you visit Pixel Scrapper to grab all the goodies starting Oct. 1st. and maybe
earlier as the spoiling has already begun with some designers! I myself am putting mine on early, as are
some others. The theme of this blogtrain was to be "Thankful", and you will see all the rich fall colors that
were used. I am truly Thankful for all the blessings me and my family recieve from God all the time, from the
smallest to the greatest, being salvation that we have in Christ! I am Thankful for my sweet loving husband, and 4 amazing children, (all who love Jesus deeply, and hold to His Truth everyday). I am Thankful for our 
health, our crazy dog that is more like Stitch (Lilo and Stitch) than she is a dog, for adversity that only builds
character in each of us, for Pixel Scrapper that has become my other home and family, and for all of "you" 
that come here to find treasures to scrap your precious family and memories with, always encouraging me, leaving loving comments that lift my heart so. OK, I know, I am thankful for a lot, and there really is a lot
more if I sit here and think about it, haha, but I'll move on. Anyway, so what are you thankful for? Think
about it, and scrap it with these gorgeous contributions from amazing talented people over at Pixel Scrapper!
Here is my portion:

Now Available Here At Pixel Scrapper:)

This mini kit contains 6 papers, and 33 cute elements, all commercial use friendly to be used
in your designs! 
As always, don't forget to leave some love, and also to all the other sweet designers that just love
to create and share!!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Pixel Scrapper introduced their new Subscription Drive two weeks ago, I was definitely late in blogging about it. Well, Marisa announced that when they reached their 100th subscriber mark, she would reveal
one of the NEW DESIGNERS! 
fast, I dare say). Its such a great deal, though, so it doesn't surprise me!! She announced the first of the new
designers, and I just HAVE  to blog it, ya'll are gonna LOVE her. Some of you may already know her, her 
name is Janet Scott, aka Janet Scott Designs!!!! Her work is awesome, and I'm so excited because she has
already introduced to us her first Bundle, consisting of many kits!! Check this out:

Its an awesome back to school type bundle! AND its CU of course!! ONE of many, many
high quality CU  unlimited download products that we get with the LOW monthly payment of 10.00. Only
5.00 a month for PU!! (SEPTEMBER SPECIAL ONLY, so make sure you lock in these prices NOW before they go back up!!)
There is so much being added at Pixel Scrapper lately, that I just can't keep up with it, but in a 
good way, because I'm too busy downloading, lol! You really do have to check it out, its so worth
it!! Here are just SOME of the newest AWESOME products that Marisa, Brooke, and Janet
already have for us!! ALL 5.00 A MONTH FOR PERSONAL USE, 10.00 A MONTH FOR CU!!

AND THIS IS JUST A FEW!! There is soooo much more! 
REMEMBER, This great half off low monthly subscription price is ONLY for the lucky
people who subscribe in SEPTEMBER!!!! After that, it goes back up to full price, (which still
isn't bad at all, and so worth the money).


So, it been FOREVER since I've blogged. I've been so super busy homeschooling my son, and designing future kits, that I haven't had much time. However, I just HAD to make time to fill you all in on a super awesome opportunity that you just can't pass up!!! Pixel Scrapper, my home away from home, is now having
a super awesome subscription drive!! AND ITS HALF OFF FOR THE MONTH OF SEPTEMBER! What does that mean, and why should I care?  Well, if you want  unlimited downloading of hundreds of
different high quality products that are all CU, CU4CU, S4H, S4O, for a one time low payment of only
10 DOLLARS A MONTH, then this is your deal!! What can 10.00 dollars get me? At any other scrabooking store, a pack of ribbons, and maybe a pack of buttons, or something, in one day. At Pixel
LONG, with new stuff being added everyday. Check it out!!! Click HERE to be taken over to Pixel
Scrapper and get your subscription locked in now!!
What if I just want personal use scrapbooking kits? Then just pay 5.00 a month, (that's the cost of  one kit at any other scrapbooking store)  and enjoy unlimited downloading
of all the kits and products you could stand, and then more (because everyday new products are being added). New products are being added everyday? YES, AND, when Pixel Scrapper has reached the 100 subscriber mark, they will introduce us with A NEW DESIGNER!! YEP, there are some new designers coming on board, and I can't wait to see all the new products rolling in each day, that's MORE FOR US, at the same low cost. 
This is really the best deal on the net. But you wanna grab your subscription now, while its half off, during
the month of September! After this month, it goes up to regular price, (which is still amazing), so , WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR, GET OVER THERE AND GET YOUR SUBSCRIPTION!!