Wednesday, May 30, 2012

CU Crazy Acrylics 01 Layer Styles Freebie!!

Are you crazy about acrylics? I see them everywhere in the digi-scrapping world, I always think, I would love to have some clear acrylic styles. So I go searching for free ones...I am very frugal, and
hate spending if I don't have to. So, I couldn't really find any, so I decided to try my hand at making
some. I just can't spend money on something if I have the resources to make them myself. So I went
googling for tutorials on how to make clear acrylic styles....I could not find one tutorial. I did find a
lot of tutorials for glass though. So, I tried them out, it was cool, but still not that clear acrylic look
you see in the digi-scrapping world. So I started from gound zero, and just played with the style
blend modes and lighting for two days here and there and learned a lot about anti-aliasing with unique
contours and many other things. All in all, it was fun, and everytime I came up with something I liked, I played some more and found a way to make it even better. Well, I finished with something I like, and
I want to share them with you. May God bless you all today and  I hope you like these and can use them in your designs.

I was looking at how to make a drop shadow to apply to the preview, and not only found one
already made, but it was also  FREE by Lydia Tarbox at Sweet Shoppe Designs here! Scroll down
her page and you'll see where she talks about Acrylic Drop Shadows. She
refers us to a great tutorial on applying drop shadows to acrylics by Jessica Sprague here, and
then even offers her time saving drop shadow style and action for free. (You'll have to scroll to
the bottom of the page to get it). How awesome is that? I'm assuming its for PU only, as I
couldn't find any terms, so I would ask if you are wanting to use her shadows for anything other
than personal use.  I hope you enjoy the acrylics, and have a blessed day!! 

Friday, May 4, 2012


 Happy INSD everyone, today the collab is revealed and its awesome. This kit is a wonderful kit called "A Mothers Love" and is loaded with beautiful papers and sweet elements! Its enough to scrap your treasured photos of mom all year long! Its also 50% off right now, so be sure to grab this goodie while you can at this great price!!

When you go to the store, you will see the prices listed are original, we are having
    some minor glitches with the sale prices showing up, however, the discount works great and is applied at checkout! Happy Shopping!!!

Thursday, May 3, 2012


DigiTee Designs is having a STOREWIDE 50% OFF SALE!!!So grab it while you can!!!
There will be a lot of other 50% off sales throughout the store, so be sure to check
out the other stuff too!!!

Prizes And Giveaways Sneak Peak!

Wanna sneak peak at some of the great prizes and gifts from the INSD challenges and games
over at Hummies World? We are going to have a great time with tons of really fun things to do
and there will be a lot of prizes, giveaways, and freebies that will coordinate with the fabulous
INSD collab kit that will be in the store soon! Its loaded, and I can't wait until its revealed! So
join us on May 5th, over at Hummies World for some INSD fun. Here is one of the prizes, its
an add-on made by KiKi Coles Designs. Its just "one" of the many freebies and prizes we have
for you on INSD!

Another INSD collab Sneak Peak!

Here are some layouts made using the INSD collab! They are fabulous, and gives you yet another
sneak peak at some of the wonderful things you will get in this huge collab kit coming soon to the
store at Hummies World!

This layout was made by Bernie Tuffs...

This layout was made by Lee Benkers Designs...another
fabulous HW Designer, check her blog here,
and her store here!

This layout was made by Kiki Cole Designs, yet another
fab. designer at Hummies World. Check her
blog here, and her store here....

This layout was made by Hummie herself! Check out Hummies
World here, and her newsletter here, and her blog here!

I'll try to add more as I get them, aren't they great? I need to hurry
up and make one myself, you know me though, layouts are my
nemesis!I'll try though, with a kit this big and awesome, surely
I'll come up with something!!:)