Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lets Try This Out...and freebie

Ok, I am still trying to figure out 4shared, couldn't seem to upload the folder without it
showing all the files in it one by one to download...Instead, I wanted just the folder to
be available to download all at once...but I'll have to figure that out as I go. So here again
is my kit "Happy Harvest"....be patient with me as I figure all this stuff out, and I hope the link works....we'll see, if not, then its back to the drawing board for me. Please leave some love and
give me some pointers as I am new to all this, Thanks:)

                                         Sorry, download expired

Oops....I forgot to put my terms of use for this kit in the download, just be sure to check my terms
out on my TOU page at the top....Thanks, and I hope you enjoy the kit...

Blog Still Under Contruction

Ok, its taking me forever to figure all this out....
So, I finished my first Digital Scrapbook Kit "Happy Harvest", which is free as soon as
I figure out how to use 4shared to post it on here...Anyway, I will try to get to it
today or this week....I have A LOT going on right now, so its hard to even get on
here...so, please be patient and check back often.....I'll be posting all my freebies on
here when I get it up and kickin.....

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Blog Test

So I finally did it....I managed to create a blog. This is the test version to see if it will work. I
of course need to tweak it A LOT, but its a start...