Saturday, June 30, 2012

"Cherished" Freebie:)

I am sharing my new kit "Cherished" again in this post since it seems to be hidden at the bottom of my other post and isn't showing up on the freebie sites for everyone to see. I enjoyed making this
kit, and if you read the last post, it explained where the inspiration came for this kit, and has an adorable quickpage I made for you using this kit:) Have a blessed day!!

DOWNLOAD ALPHA at mediafire.
DOWNLOAD PAPERS at mediafire.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Cherished Kit Freebie!!

The other day I was looking for a tutorial on how to cluster elements and make great layouts. I
actually found a GREAT one here by Jady Day Studio and was amazed by the end result.
Here is the layout that she took us step by step on how to create:

I LOVED it and wanted to make a similar one, using my own designs. So I got right to
work on a color scheme, which was similar to hers (I LOVE her work), and started
designing a new kit. I wanted the elements to be very similar, but my own. I wanted the
layout to look as close as this as I could get it.
 It didn't have a name until I got to the end, then I decided I would
call it "Cherished". Once the kit was made, I went back to her tutorial, and got to work
layering and clustering following her advice to make my layout. When I finished, I thought
it came out really cute, and very similar, yet different. I actually built my kit around this
one layout. I was so excited. I made a quickpage out of my layout, to share. and I also wanted
to share my new kit with you all:) I hope you make some cherished pages with my
new kit, and understand that you are also cherised in the eyes of Jesus who loves you:)

Here is the quickpage I made, isn't it similar to the one above? Not quite as much clustering, more
simple I think, but still cute! What do you think?


And here is the kit "Cherished" I made inspired by the layout from Jady Day Studio!

I hope you all like it, and may God Bless you all :)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Playful Fourth Kit Freebie!

July 4th is not too far away, so I  have been working on a great little kit to scrap our family Fourth fun!
I wanted something versatile that I could scrap other occasions as well, so I came
up with this little kit called "Playful Fourth".  I think its fun
and will make some cute layouts, and like everything else, I wanted to share it with
you all! I am not so great at layouts...still learning, but I would love to see
what you come up with! So, if you wanna send me a link to your layouts in your galleries or whatever
you made with this, I would LOVE to check it out!!
May God be with you all today, encouraging and loving you all with a BIG love hug, and
I hope you enjoy this little freebie!!!

DOWNLOAD ALPHA at mediafire.
DOWNLOAD PAPERS 1 at mediafire.
DOWNLOAD PAPERS 2 at mediafire.

This kit has 1 alpha, 4 solid papers, 11 patterned papers, and 53 elements!:)

Sunday, June 10, 2012

CU Colorful Eyelets Freebie

In the last few days, I have been working on some metal and plastic layer styles, yes, I am a layer style fanatic!:) When they are finished, I will put them on here for free. While I was playing, I wanted to try some of them out on making some eyelets. You can never have too many eyelets, and I wanted them to
look as real as possible. So I made some with different shapes to test them and I think they came out pretty good. Some of them could use improvements...but, I think, for making them with  layer styles, most all of them look pretty realistic. I of course added a real eyelet I extracted, and changed colors on, it was the one I was using as a model for realism for the others.....anyway, I thought I'd share them with you and maybe you
can use them in your designs..All of the CU eyelets are in .png format..I was thinking about making some paper eyelets later this week, I'm not sure what they are called, but I think you know what I am talking about...Well, God bless and I hope you enjoy these and have a wonderful week:)

DOWNLOAD at mediafire.