Thursday, January 19, 2012

Finally....Be Mine Mini Kit 1 Freebie

Well, I finished my Valentines Kit, and just in time for the month of Febuary. It turned out to be
really big, ok, so not as big as the kits you see in the digi scrap stores (how do they do that anyway,
it would take me FOREVER).  I'm not that good at jumbling all the elements together in a preview,
 when I try, mine just looks like someone threw up elements all over some papers....not very uniform
 and neat at  I decided to break it up into 3 smaller kits. The smaller, the better, you can actually
tell what some of the elements look like, and its easier for me...maybe I'll get better in that area some
day...Anyway, I am posting the first one "Be Mine Mini Kit 1" today, and maybe will get to the other
two in the next couple of days....As always, leave some love, and let me know what you think of
my work, you know, like what I could improve on! Have a Blessed day!!

Sorry, download expired.


  1. Thank you! Very cute!

  2. I Love It
    I Followers
    Thanks for sharing

    Hugs from Venezuela

  3. Thank you for sharing this lovely mini kit!

  4. Thank you for this 1st part of your free little kit. It looks very nice and I look forward to the other parts also.

  5. I love your kit, it is gorgeous! Thank You