Monday, July 9, 2012

Smoochable Series 01 Layered Journal Matte And Tags Freebie

I needed a new shape for a journal matte a week ago, and wanted something sort of original. I decided to play around and make some myself. I used Inkscape (its sort of like illustrator, only its a lot more basic and its free). You can find it and download it HERE. I made different shapes, moved them around and warped them a little here and there and came up with a lot of different mattes and tags. I had so much fun playing around, that I just couldn't stop, so I made A LOT of them and will be posting them on here for you all as I get time! This first set is called "Smoochable Series 01" because of the whimsical style they came out cute!!!
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DOWNLOAD at mediafire.

They are 8 layered Journal Mattes and Tags in PSD format. I hope you enjoy them and can
use them in your creating:) May God be to you today what you need in Him, and have
a Blessed day today!!